Kaettekite 03-09: What did the Rabbit of the Moonlit Night See and Hoped? (In a Suggestive Meaning)

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Author’s Note:
There’s no deep meaning, okay?
It’s just that, Shinichi, has this kind of side of him.


Within the 1-D students, a female teacher sighed as she continued instructing them.
This class had the ability to enter this academy, but it was filled with students who had weak desire to grow.
They’ve just started school so they still have potential to improve from hereon, but she couldn’t see any prospects from looking at their awful movements at the present.
Before talking about their high and low statuses, they were lacking something decisive.

And as for Frire, she couldn’t point out precisely what that something was.

It wasn’t that she didn’t know.
She herself was an excellent soldier and she had more experience being a soldier than a teacher.
Anyway she was the only one in this academy who was a former soldier.
However, being a professional in battle doesn’t mean she was also professional in teaching.

It was difficult to put into words the reason behind her student’s poor performance and instruct them.
But even so she was still a teacher, and she was frustrated on having no talent on being one.

In the first place, Frire became a teacher from feelings of responsibility, and because of that she conducted her job sincerely and seriously.
She was a vice-adviser who didn’t know how to teach her students who had poor results at the start.
And things didn’t turn out well since she didn’t want to cut corners.
Perhaps within the academy there wasn’t a difference in the evaluation between her and of students who took charge of classes.
She felt exceedingly hurt from that sudden thought, but she really didn’t know what to do.

And in that class a new problem child entered today.

A transfer student who seemed mediocre and yet incomprehensible on how he exceedingly deviated from common sense.
She had only talked with him a little, and yet she felt he was different from the 1-D students in a different meaning and her bad premonition wouldn’t stop.
Sure enough, a special class member had taken interest on him and had already been called.

She had been an Ojou-sama who boasted of her good lineage and status, though for appearances only, and yet recently she became docile and seemed to have shifted her attention on something. As a teacher who also bore the same gold pupils of nobles, she had been relieved.

How was the lesson on their side doing?
Frire was curious, and moving only her eyes she turned towards their direction.

Was it fortune? Or was it ill-fate?
It was at that moment that Aristel was pointing the muzzle of her gun towards the transfer student.
The boy was in a posture of shooting the targets. The white-robed teacher was observing him.
Standing diagonally behind the two of them, a girl was pointing her gun towards the defenseless boy.
The instant that spectacle entered Frire she immediately grasped the situation, but faster than she raising her voice a light bullet was shot.
She at once tried to convey to the boy the approaching danger.
Although it won’t lead to a fatal damage thanks to the foster barrier, an unforeseen blow will lead to a beyond to expectations large shock and damage.
Much less that the target was a boy who had D-rank Resistance.

───Get down, Nakamura!
Before she had shouted those words the boy’s reaction was faster.
As he switched from shooter to sword, he looked back and caught the light bullet with his blade.
Then without killing its momentum and letting it explode, he deflected the bullet by delicately changing the angle of his sword.
And that was also towards the shooter Aristel herself. As if he had aimed it.

He pulled off that kind of thing in a momentary action.

However, Frire’s surprise didn’t stop there.
The girl showed a shocked expression from having the bullet she shot getting deflected, but she was a special class member who held a reaction speed of A-rank agility.
At the moment the bullet was deflected towards her, she made a big leap sideways to avoid it.


Just whose shock was that?
Frire didn’t understand whether it was herself or Aristel’s.
After all, before the eyes of the girl who should’ve espace was a light sword thrusted at her───

The astonishment was greater for the girl concerned than the observer Frire.
She had done such an action because she had complete belief.
That the boy in front of her was strong. An attack of this degree was meaningless.
However, why was his status so low.
In order to find that answer towards that contradiction, she thought that the best choice was to use force.
His instant reaction to a surprise attack will most of all speak the truth.
If for example it was just her misunderstanding all along, there was still the barrier.
The bullet she shot earlier would just be a light impact from getting hit by a ball.
Which was why, she was surprised to the flowing-like movement of his counterattack.
Without even once looking at her way, he looked back and caught the light bullet with his sword.
Then without letting the bullet explode he accurately aimed and deflected it towards her.

To that unexpected action her movement stopped for a moment.

Even so, it was possible for Aristel to evade because of her agility.
She strongly kicked the ground and leaped to the right, and she heard a sound of impact on the place she was at earlier.
Even though midair she realized that she didn’t need to evade because of the low firepower of the bullet, she landed on the ground while feeling doubtful of her action.


She didn’t understand whose surprised voice was that.
Before her eyes was a foton sword that she was supposed to have been used on seeing.
A basic equipment of the foster. For a special class student it was the basic of the basics of weapons.
Furthermore that had a blade which was half shorter than normal.
Even though that was only thrusted before her, her body couldn’t move.


The silent inorganic gaze which didn’t contain a hint of emotion, was heavy.
It didn’t have fury nor coldness, but it made her feel a mechanical mass.
It was as if the knowledge that the sword won’t break her barrier was useless.
Anymore pressure from that absolute threat will make her instinctively forget breathing.

“……Nn, oops my bad………I mean are you okay?”

“Y,yes, thank you for your concern……I, I can’t stand.”

In an instant the boy expressionlessly lowered the sword thrusted before her eyes.
What awaited Aristel from being released from that pressure was exhaustion and she faltered midway.
Her fell on her butt, and was made to sit on the ground.

“Want me to lend you a hand?”

“P,please do.”

She seized that hand presented to her and felt that the sensation was harder than she thought.
However due to the gentle and powerful pull she was made to stand comfortably.
To that surprisingly simple action she felt that he was used to doing it.

“But still, you suddenly shot me from behind.
I didn’t realize you’d be that mad from being called Ringlet Curls.”

“Y,you’re mistaken!
But it’s true I’m reluctant towards that nickname!
But it’s not that, well umm!”

Then while floating a teasing smile he calmly shook his head
She reflexively denied him, but because she had dissatisfaction towards his way of calling her, things got complicated.
She couldn’t choose whether she should talk honestly or dodge the issue.

“Perhaps Ari-chan wanted to measure Icchi’s real ability?
The shooter test a while ago has a level compensation, so it might’ve been luck.”

“Kyaaa!!?? Ru,Ruona-san!?”

Anyone would be surprised if a fox girl suddenly appeared behind them.
Although strangely, Shinichi was the only one calm and heard the girl’s words.

“Hee, is that so.”

“……Icchi, won’t you be a bit surprised, I’m unsatisfied.”

The fox girl was satisfied on Aristel’s surprised reaction as according to plan,
but she turned a dissatisfied look towards Shinichi whose expression didn’t even move a bit.

“Then you should hide more skillfully, you’re in plain sight.”

“N……noo waayy……”

From having her presence erasure cast away in few words, she crumbled down as if depressed.
Her figure which slowly hid the expression of her eyes was too fake so he ignored her,
and with an air that he will be cross-examining he drew near Aristel.
He made a reversal from expressionless into showing a good-natured like smile.

“In other words I fell into a trap huh, you got me.
But still, that’s harsh. To think you’ll use my ignorance and trick me.”

The girl who could only see that smile as that of a fiend’s involuntarily retreated. However.
Without giving her a chance to escape he intruded until her bosom and stared at her with unsmiling eyes.
Then he drew his lips near the tip of her ear and suspiciously whispered with a cold voice.

“There will be no next time………or else on a moonlit night, you should expect it.”

It was a stereotypical threatening words.
“I won’t know what will happen on the streets during a moonless dark night’, it was that.
If he didn’t want to stand out and get attention then further attempts of investigation would be troublesome.
Which was why Shinichi thought that his threat would get through since she experienced their difference in ability.


Or she should have.
The girl whose expression was a mix of tension and panic was instantly dyed red, and she raised a soundless scream as she dashed away in vigor until the wall.


Towards that unexpected outcome Shinichi’s made expression crumbled, and he floated a perplexed expression.
The girl in his line of sight was pressing her back towards the wall and couldn’t escape further, and to embrace herself she was curled up while blushing.

“What does this mean?”

He only drew quite near her and threatened her, but he didn’t touch her.
Shinichi couldn’t understand just what was the reason for her blushing face.

“Aah, yup……you just did it Icchi.”

Shinichi’s confusion and Aristel’s behavior. Which meaning did she understood.
Myuhi expressed a complicated smile and answered his question.

“To start with, there’s no moon in Garesto.
There’s day and night and sky but there’s no space so there’s no heavenly bodies.
Since there’s no heavenly bodies it’s natural that there’s no illumination during the night so it’s dark.
Obviously the cities have artificial lights and actually dark nights are rare.”


Come to think of it, the lesson earlier was talking about that was what Shinichi thought.
However he didn’t understand how Aristel’s behavior was connected to that.

“Well, that’s why there’s no word for moon in the Garesto language.
I think perhaps your words earlier were translated like this.
‘The next time you do this, be careful during the dark night,’ will be the meaning in Garesto language.”

“Hmm, isn’t it mostly similar?”

On the contrary, the words he said became even direct.
The words he said should’ve been accurately conveyed.

“That’s if you interpret it face value.
But for Garestonian’s the word 『dark night』 actually means────”

“Hmm────Oh, I see.”

Myuhi stood on her tiptoes and whispered something close to his ears and he made a consenting face and nodded.
Then in the next moment, only his lips moved upward and he showed a smiling face.

“Waa, an evil face.”

He gave a sidelong glance to Myuhi who laughed while having a somewhat stiff face and then approached Aristel.
She tried to escape but she couldn’t move backwards anymore.
She trembled so much that the thought of escaping sideways didn’t occur to her.

“You sure are panicking, just what is this little rabbit imagining?”

He approached her further and forcefully struck the wall behind her back with one hand.


‘I can’t escape’, she who was approached closely couldn’t even quiver.
With only a face dyed in scarlet, she merely look upwardly at Shinichi who was very near her.

“Ah, I, I I, I’m……”

“Was it that embarrassing? To have a delusion of being assaulted by me?|


To that frank and accurate pinpointing, her face became further dyed in scarlet from shame.
The places where people lived in Garesto were brighter during the night than the cities in Earth.
There wasn’t any illumination from heavenly bodies and it was for the sake that if Raybeasts appear in the night they won’t be able to hide.
Hence a 『dark night』 was an existence very limited to time and space.
Naturally the time was night, so the problem of illumination was the place. In other words the bedroom.
In Garesto the words 『dark night』 hint of the bed during the night.
The way he said his words was by chance frequently used by men when inviting women to bed.
It was the words received when announcing that a man was sneaking a visit on a woman’s bedroom.

“The next time you do something, I don’t know what will happen to you on your bed at night.”

Shinichi’s words would be interpreted by a typical woman from Garesto like that.
In other words, it was a misunderstanding which couldn’t be helped because of difference in culture and translation, and to not explain things but instead get carried away was a glimpse of his true nature.
Although she actually had a delusion of being attacked and was now blushing, no matter how much a sophisticated education a cultured Ojou-sama received, the stimulus was too strong for her.

“This lewd girl, if that’s the case───

“Ah, nn!?”

With one hand pressing the whole, he gently held her chin and raised her face with his other hand.

“───What if, I actually creep on your bed tonight?”

Contrary to his mean-spirited sneering face, to be stared at directly by his earnest eyes,
the heart of the pitiful Ringlet Curls Ojou-sama reached its limit.


The girl, whose scarlet face was already similar to a boiled octopus, spewed out indecipherable words and rushed away full speed to the direction not being blocked by a hand, and escaped until the entrance of the field.
As he saw her off, Shinichi admired her speed and he gave a sincerely enjoyable laugh.
Did she notice? Did she think that if she ran away as it is her dignity would be affected?
Aristel stopped in front of the entrance for a moment, turned back and shouted while blushing.

“Re, re, remember this Nakamura Shinichi!!
Ne, next time this wyon’t happen okay!! ..!?

Although her parting remarks were cliche, her stuttering was an indication of her discomposure.
Though she bit her tongue midway, she pulled herself together and this time truly ran away with lightning speed.

Oh dear, that girl’s quite someone I can play around with, or rather, tease.”

“There’s no difference even if you rephrase it.
……Although it’s natural since it’s the first day you’ve transferred but,
I, really don’t understand you Icchi……”

It was ridiculous, but despite that Shinichi was laughing like a child who found a new toy.
Witnessing the behavior he has displayed up to now, she felt it was completely different and she was puzzled from the bottom of her heart.

“……As if that’s something you could say, this girl.”

The persuasive power of her whose bottom couldn’t still be seen was none.
The fox girl withdrew her smile and showed an amazed expression and scowled with half-opened eyes.

“To understand me whom you’ve first met today and for a few hours is,……that hurts!”

The boy crouched when he received an impact to his head midway his speech.
The “lightning” which fell was the grey-haired female teacher Frire (with demon face).
She was controlling her emotions to that point that she was grasping her fists with all her might.

“What are you doing while in class Nakamura!!
Humiliating the assistant and chasing her way, this is unheard-of you know!?”

“Ahaha……well her reactions were interesting, so it was unintentional.”

“Unintentional, a girl’s heart isn’t something you play with! Good grief, are you really 15 years old?”

While pressing down his head that was struck he looked up at her and made a wry smile.
Since he said those words his intention to reflect was null.
To show that kind of attitude and display that face to Aristel, he couldn’t be seen as a child his age.

“What if, I am actually around 3015 years old?”

Frire wasn’t a nonserious teacher to trivially ignore such a joke.

“………Apparently you want another hit huh.”

Without thinking, she who was called an ogre teacher was going to display her true nature and grasped her fists tightly to threaten him, but Shinichi casually laughed and played dumb while saying “But I was telling the truth okay.”.
She judged that whatever she say would be useless so she changed her plan of action.

“Ni, Teacher Frank please stop being bewildered!”

“Eh……ah, no, umm……my apologies.
My thoughts halted from such an unexpected spectacle.”

A 15-year old child, who had the lowest status and had only transferred today, used the simple misunderstanding of a translation, and confidently approached the other party to the point that she ran away.
To that kind of development which couldn’t be predicted, he needed quite a lot of time to get himself together.

“I couldn’t do anything as the assistant was sent back. My apologies Teacher Frire.”

Towards Frank who felt ashamed of his error and apologized,
she who didn’t expect that couldn’t receive it well and became flustered.

“Ah……that, no……I mean I didn’t want Nii-sa, I mean Teacher’s apology……”

The scene where an unexpected delicate sense of distance and restraint between siblings were mixed in, Shinichi gazed at that while looking a bit tragic.

“……By the way, what happens to the lesson now?”

Although he showed that kind of expression, he immediately erased it, and with a serious face asked that to the people around.
Though that was a substantial statement, it was troubling to judge whether it was said by purposely not reading the atmosphere or he couldn’t read it.

“A natural question, but that isn’t the lines of the person who drove Ari-chan away you know?”

The surroundings understood that and implicitly blamed Shinichi, but he showed a feigned ignorance look.

“…………Haa, do you have anything left Teacher Frank?”

“…………Well, only the practice on using skills is left.”

Which was why it was positive that the lesson shouldn’t be postponed anymore.
With a teacher’s face Frire confirmed the plan and then turned towards a girl.

“Then Ruona, this is a request towards a special class student to aid on the lesson from now.
If I don’t return to those students’ place……”

She sent a glance towards the 1-D students who didn’t understand what happened.
With just a glance she could tell they were showing displeasure and the cause was Shinichi. The lesson was stopped, and they could only guess whether the Aristel which they yearned for would return.
She had to regain herself and there was the need to resume classes. However.

“You’re cruel Teacher Fudone! Do you plan to let me get assaulted by Icchi!?”

The fox girl referenced the deed earlier by hugging herself as if to protect it.
They’ve just started, but earlier than Frire’s astonishment, the person himself gave his denial.

“Don’t worry, I have zero intention of assaulting that girl or you……or more like it’s negative?”

“In that case I feel humiliated as girl okay!?”

“………is she at the age of a young girl.”

“Did you say something Icchi!?”

“Never mind that, teach me how to use skills. We don’t have much time left to study.”

“Your attitude’s suddenly rude!?”

The two who continued to bicker like a two-man comedy act even though it was only their first day of meeting, were able to start the lesson regarding skills one way or another.
While looking at that, Frire suddenly looked down at her closed fists which weren’t moving.

“Is something the matter, Teacher Frire?”

“Ni, Teacher Frank, at the moment I dropped my fist earlier,
did you think there was something strange on Nakamura’s movement?”


Although he was asked, he could only recognize the scene as a frolicing student being hit.
Therefore he could only show a mystified look on the question from her “co-worker”.

“That guy, I feel like he forcibly stopped himself from reflexively avoiding.”

“No way! Why would he do such a troublesome act……”

“If he didn’t……the fact that he went with the trouble to tease Padyuel to make that matter hazy would become useless.”


Now that she said that, only now did Frank realized that he forgot that matter.
His unexpected action before that and the shocking spectacle earlier were contradicting each other.

“……Just who, are you?”

He gazed at the boy obediently receiving lessons from the fox girl.
His gaze wasn’t that of looking at a troublesome problem child anymore. It was a gaze looking at a different person.
The boy had only just transferred and he had only met him for a short time.
As the boy had said, a person won’t be able to understand everything of another that easily.
Even so the boy was excessively indifferent on improving himself. His words which didn’t want to stand out.
No matter how he was a person before the official announcement of the cultural exchange, his inferiority complex towards his low status was none.
And then his reflexive action of thrusting the sword before one’s eye seemed to be embedded in his flesh.
It wasn’t possible to consent that he was in a dangerous domain for two years, there must’ve been something there───


Author’s Note:
Shinicchi, has been eyed on, his teachers!


And we are now half-way through the volume. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, especially from the hints getting dropped here and there.

I’ve never been much of a fan of Ojou-sama girls, since I have a soft spot on Tsunders. But Aristel is actually my favorite girl of the series. I can’t wait for you guys to also fall for her too. (Though I’m a cause for the wait >.<)

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