Command Chapter 15: The Incident in the Night

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Before I was aware, I was sleeping without seeing a dream.

>……riel』 is…orming…care』……the time of finishing is undecided.

My consciousness rose to the surface and I became awake. I was supposed to be sleeping in the center of the bed, but now I had came near the left side.


I heard a voice from behind me. From that direction was a warm, and soft――

To my right left, something was placed on it. That was also soft, and I instinctively came to want to touch it.


It had an *munyu* elastic sensation. It was smooth, which made me involuntarily slide my hands on it, and then I continued to enjoy its feeling by patting it.

[…….a……did he wake up……he didn’t, is he still sleeping……?]

――At the moment I was addressed, I came to almost stopping my hand.

If I stop here, it will be exposed that I’m awake.

Oh right, speaking of who was awake――

While I was sleeping, Am entered my bed, and placed one of her legs on my right leg.
She entwined her leg――she didn’t do that. She just only, placed it on top.
She impatiently and slowly, moved her body while nestling close to my body.

(I,is this……marking……?)

While knowing that there was no way it was that, I who couldn’t even make a slight movement, continued to enjoy the sensation of Am rubbing her body on me.

The right part of my upper body, seemed to be becoming numb from a sensation that I have never felt before. Am who was mounting her leg on me, only nestled the upper half of her body to my arm, and didn’t embrace it――that, appeared to be her restraint, and I felt her loveliness.

[……please don’t wake up……just a bit more……]

(W,why……even though she should’ve been sleeping on the upper bed……I,I see……it’s a dream……no it’s not……)

Even though I wanted to think that it was a dream, but because it felt too real, I couldn’t run away to that answer.
The sensation of my body already became completely awake. No matter how careful Am moved, I couldn’t help waking up――since she was, rubbing against my body like this.

When you learn it once, it would probably become a habit huh. More than only doing it by herself, did she wanted even more stimulus――while I was in the midst of thinking various things, Am’s breathing gradually became rough. Each time the sound of her breath resounded to my ear, wasn’t it already fine to stop restraining myself, I became wanting to listen to that temptation.

Before reincarnating, she told me that it was fine for her to take my virginity.
Was that why, she was tempting me like this――no, that was also wrong.

(……About not being able to endure it anymore, of course there is that. However me too……could not much longer……)

Am became even more bold and entwined her right leg to my leg. She should’ve only be nestling close to me, but before I knew it she had placed her arm on my chest, and it became a posture where she looked like she was embracing me.

For her to wish for stimulus this much, I who was pretending to be asleep, just what in the world should I do.

If I leave her half-dead, and she too leave me half-dead, then I wonder who will profit from that――

I resolved myself, and slowly opened my eyes. Then Am’s movement stopped――however her leg, was still entwined to mine.
We exchanged glances, and she looked at me without saying anything. She didn’t avert her eyes, I wonder what was she looking at, and then she looked angry, but was feminine in some respects.

[……Humans, have it rough right.]

[……That is, on what kind of meaning?]

[If they don’t successfully deal with their desires, the inside of their head become hot, and they become not able to think about other things……]

[Y,you mean……earlier, things did not go well?]

[……I’ve thought about various methods, but the method that came to my mind, didn’t turn out well……]

Am took a glance at an object from behind, and when I faced towards there――that was, the railings of the bed.

[……Regarding that, I sensed a rare potential but……if I put that into practice, I thought that you’ll laugh, so I couldn’t do it.]

[I,I won’t laugh okay. If you’re saying that, even I, know of a method that I thought that Am might laugh at.]

The railings of bed, how would Amriel use it for Self-care――I feel like I’m going insane by just thinking about it.

[……And, using me as umm……a hugging pillow, did it seem to be pleasant?]

[……More than I thought, it was very pleasant, but it would’ve been better if you didn’t wake up.]

[I,I see……then, why don’t I pretend to be asleep?]

While her face was flushed and her eyes were moist, Am answered my questions and when I saw that, I thought that I wanted to give her what she her what she was expecting one way or another.

[…..Then please remain still for a bit longer. Or is it, stifling……?]

[I,I’m alright……I understand, I’ll remain still okay.]

The period similar to torture started. To the swelling of Am’s breasts which were only just touching me until earlier, my upper arm was now being held between them.

――Hey, isn’t it fine to not endure anymore. No, it’s still too soon――while in the midst of enduring that conflict, Am’s body became hotter, to the point that she needed to take a shower again, and she quietly perspired.

[……You’re enduring it so much right……more than me, all this time……]

If she had not said that, I would have probably already lost my reason.
For two people to lie down on the lower bed of the bunk bed, wasn’t good――the bed which had its center of gravity go lower, even with only tantalizing and subtle movements, raised a small creaking sound.

>『Amriel』 finished performing 『Self-care』.
>The condition of 『Amriel』 became favorable.


Appetite, sleepiness, and the last thing――those who were referred as the three great desires, had tormented the shinigami girl who became human this much.


It felt terribly long, really long. One hour――was that long or short, as for me I didn’t understand properly, but as for her I’m certain she needed that much time.

I’ve somehow wiped my sweat and could sleep, but since I was awake I should probably take a shower. While I and her were lying down, we had sweated once, and it was good that we had  calmed ourselves down.

I went towards the bathroom while carrying change of clothes. The light of the living room, was still lit――since it was powered by magic power, we were told to turn it off as much as possible, so I wondered if nee-san was still awake.

I didn’t see the time that she had finished her work, I wonder if she had already finished. I was curious about nee-san’s room, and if I purposely visit, I felt shameful from expecting to see something.

(It’s nee-san, thinking about that kind of thing itself is only wrong. If I don’t practice prudence.)

While pondering I opened the door of the dressing room. The dressing room was dark, but the bathroom was lit, and I heard the sound of the shower.

If nee-san’s inside, I’ll wait for her to finish――the moment I thought that.


(!……N,nee-san, noticed……)

Did nee-san notice my presences. Even though I was quiet, *screech*――that didn’t happen.

[……since when did you……with Amriel……]

Was she speaking to herself――she wasn’t.
Nee-san was talking about me. She knew that it wouldn’t reach, and she was making an appeal.

[……Me too……in the, same way……n, Yuuki……]

The sound of the shower struck my ears. My mind became white, and I finally grasped what was happening.

(Nee-san, had seen, the thing which I and Am did earlier……then……)

[……n……ku……this kind of……shameful……thing……]

To her voice that seemed to be condemning herself and was feeling it, I felt pain in my chest.
Even though in reality it was something that she musn’t do, she couldn’t help but do it. And the one who let her do that was me――
I didn’t notice that she was thinking precious of me that much.
We’ve merely met, and I was happy to have a beautiful elder sister. I was reflecting on that kind of shallow thinking.

[……Yuuki…….I’m……I’m……n, a hopeless onee-chan……]


I who was starting to think in a very serious direction, had I hunch that something was quite wrong.

[……My little brother was able to get a partner whom he have a good relationship……that’s why from now on, I plan to peep as much as I like……to be allowed to live in this kind of environment……you’re elder sister feels blessed more than she deserves……]


[From now on too, if I don’t make time for an opening……fufu……I’m sure about Luna and Roza, Yuuki will……do this kind of thing, and that kind of thing…….what a cheeky little brother……]

A taboo between an elder sister and little brother――about that, something felt different.
Nee-san wants to peep on me getting along well with other girls, was what this was called.
In other words, her motivation for Self-care, was because she had peeped on me and Am.
Rather than calling that painful, nee-san seemed to be very delighted about it.

[From now on too I to only Yuuki will……Yuuki…my cute little brother……]

I closed the door of the dressing room without making a noise, and when I had collected myself, I was troubled, that I didn’t feel miserable about myself who had gotten completely aroused.

That nee-san, who was having wild delusions about me, was at this moment doing that thing inside the bathroom――when I imagined that, as expected even though I found out that she was a hopeless elder sister, I couldn’t help but say that she was charming.


The next morning, when I met nee-san and Am, the two were acting as if nothing happened.

[Yuuki, there’s a crumb on your cheek.]

[How sloven. I’ll pick it for you, so eat it.]


Something about Am’s behavior, although it was blunt it felt that it became gentle――when I thought that I checked her Behavioral Pattern, but her Appeal percentage didn’t increase, and I didn’t understand if her action just now was Appeal.

I wonder how Amriel would use the bed rails for Self-care ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Props to Yuuki’s tenacity. To endure Amriel’s Self-care for one hour…

And this blood-related  big-breasted netorase-addicted elder sister…

I’m looking forward to future *cough* “develoments” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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