Command Sousa Skill de, Isekai no Subete wo Kage kara Shihaishitemita

Translation is currently on hold because the raw is on hiatus.


Original Title: コマンド操作スキルで、異世界を影から支配してみた
Translation: With My Command Manipulation Skill, I Will Completely Rule the Different World from the Shadows
Author: 朱月十話 (Touwa Akatsuki)
Started on: 05/01/2016
Status: On Hiatus
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Yuuki Hideaki was in the middle of job hunting. However one day, while on his way to a company for an interview, he was suddenly sent to a different world. In front of him was a silver-haired peerless beautiful girl.

She was a shinigami. Her job was to cull souls, and to send them to a different world as regulation. He who still had life span left but got culled, was arranged to receive a privilege after reincarnating as an apology, and obtained 『the Command ability to manipulate the structure of the world』.

He will freely use his Command Manipulation to rewrite each and every thing, and aim to become the god of the different world in his new life.

Table of Contents

Prologue – The Shinigami Girl’s Reincarnation Diagnosis

Volume 1 – Aircross Soldier Corps

Volume 2 – Elder Sister and Partner