Kaettekite 03-11: Garesto’s Defeat (Little Sister)

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Author’s Note:

He caught someone’s attention, and the unexpected reason is?


“Hurry up, or so she said, and yet in the end because of her aren’t I the last one?”

‘If we don’t hurry we won’t get any seats’ urged on the fox girl,
but because of his excessive mischievous teasing he got held back and scolded which took his time.
Eventually, he succeeded in running away in the male’s locker room after assigning his partner, “she”, for surveillance.
Although at that time Shinichi was the only one left in the locker room.

“But still, either way we won’t know where the cafeteria is without her guidance.
There’s probably no more seats now so maybe I should wait at the entrance as a way of killing time.”

He put on the school uniform and left the locker room as the “gold” crescent moon swung under his neck.
He made a weary face when he imagined that almost everyone in the academy gathered at the cafeteria.
However, his image of a cafeteria was of an ordinary one,
but because of the level of technology of this academy, and in addition to the consecutive culture shocks he had received,
he made a distant look when he thought that the cafeteria would probably be different from how he knew it.

“Hmm, I guess the cafeteria would also be high-tech.
Maybe a weird cube will be blended in a machine and then put on a plate like how food is heated in a microwave.
Or maybe there’s already no form a cooking and only nutrient-like meals…”

Whichever it was his honest feelings was to completely decline.
‘I guess in the worst case I’ll get something from outside’, muttered Shinichi while facing towards outside the stadium.
At the passage from the locker room towards the facility, there were no other people except for him since it was the time after 4th period ended , and only his monologue and footsteps quietly resounded.


But that, in the end, was only on the surface.
Shinichi frowned and his frank thoughts were, ‘Am I a rare animal or something’.
Looking at a hiding spot opposite to his walking direction, a person was concealing his presence and observing him.
That person was about 80 meters from him and a strong presence could be felt.
The person appeared to have a different way of hiding and intensity of gaze compared to the people monitoring him.
Although in today’s class there was nobody like the people who were always monitoring him.

“Well then, how should I deal with this.”

He muttered while not showing the fact that he noticed and continued walking on the passage.
He had encountered this type of intense gaze several times on that place.
Which was why, he had mostly guessed the aim of the person behind him.
In order to shorten the distance between the other person, he changed his actions.
He gradually shortened the distance, and before the other person felt like drawing near him, he raised his speed to get out.
If he dashed without stopping and then looked back, it would kill the other person’s enthusiasm.
It was because if the other person’s aim was how he expected it, it would become a quarrel and thus troublesome.

Nevertheless the mysterious person behind him displayed actions beyond his expectations.

Without any sign, the other person suddenly appeared right behind him, and at that instant his body moved to counterattack.
Shinichi felt the fighting spirit that was no longer being concealed loaded on the tip of the sword, and threw his body sideways.
The movement of the other person who suddenly became off balanced was reminiscent of a ghost.
The sword which missed its strike was at the right-side view of Shinichi, and he seized and turned it on its handle,
and at the instant it dropped on the floor, he stepped on it with his left leg and held out his left hand towards the other person’s face.
He forcefully slammed and pushed the impolite assailant towards the wall to obstruct the assailant’s field of vision.


At this moment, the anguished sound of the other person didn’t enter his ears.
His maximum priority was to eliminate the assailant in order to ensure his safety.
For that reason he must incapacitate this “girl”.
He pressed the girl’s face on the wall with his left hand, and aimed at her chest with his hand in stabbing form.
Then, reason finally caught up to his head.

“That’s bad!?”

The reason which came delayed judged that it would be dangerous for “her”, but it was already too late to stop his stabbing hand so he forcefully turned away his palm.
As a result of weakening the force, his hand stopped in a palm heel form.

“That’s dangerous! Just what are you doing all of sudden, eh teacher!?”

In addition to feeling relieved, he wanted to say once of his complaints after being attacked .
Be that as it may, looking up at her face, although it was still being held down by his left hand,
he could clearly see between the gaps of his fingers her characteristic beautiful grey hair and golden eye.
Despite today being their first meeting, he stiffened from realizing the true identity of the assailant which couldn’t be mistaken.

“…….What, should I do now.”

It should be noted that his worry wasn’t about his thorough and merciless counterattack,
but on how to deceive his teacher for everything that he had done.

“Ah, well, how to say this…….I am very aware that I was wrong for attacking you.
But, umm……if it’s alright, can you please remove your hand first. I don’t have anymore intention of fighting.
I don’t have anymore, so, quickly take away your hand!”

“Ah, is that so.”

He couldn’t be satisfied as it was because of her flustered tone as if she was hiding something.
He separated his left hand which was covering her face and he saw that her face was unusually red. *Funyu*.


“Yan, hey stupid! Right hand! Your right!”

“Eh, my right hand”

Because of being pointed out, he reflexively put more power on his hand, and from the soft bouncing sensation Shinichi became curious while Frire’s blushing face became worried.

“Nha, anymore and!? A, at first it was an accident but now I can see it’s on purpose!!”

“Eh, ah, my ba……I’m sorry.”

He finally realized what he was grasping so he also separated his right hand,
and as though surrendering he raised up both his hands and moved away from her.
I won’t do something anymore. It was the pose to show that he had no more intention.

“What a blunder……even though up to now I haven’t let anyone, even the same sex, touch them!

With a reproachful look she glared while covering her chest with both hands in crossing form to protect it.
Logically she understood that she was in the wrong for attacking him and that him touching her chest was an accident,
but her emotional side overreacted from her chest being touched.
On the other hand he was calm enough to show that he felt troubled from receiving her gaze.
And yet he was grinning while looking down at the principal offender, his right hand, while closing and opening it several times.

“To get the first touch, I feel honored.”


“It couldn’t be seen from your jersey which still has allowances,
but teacher is unexpectedly……large, and soft huh.”

Looking only at his face it could be said that he was showing a good-natured smile.
Seeing her bashful face, he had a strange switch flipped “again”.
Although if one has to say, he was just bordering sexual harassment.

“Y,you……are you really, reaaally, 15 years old!?
Would a man on puberty who touched a woman’s chest respond like this?”

His words weren’t really like one of a person below in age and position and even the touching side.
It was evident that he was devoted on using that joke material to tease and mess with her.
Although Shinichi had an obedient appearance, beneath that he had this side of him.
His disposition was teasing other people.

“Didn’t I told you, that I was about 3015 years old
Also, I don’t get on using me as a basis on judging what other men would do,
so I recommend liberating your very charming chest.”

“W,who are you to say that!”

Shinichi who was angrily told by her laughed amusingly.
And then, while floating a smile and maintaining a carefree attitude, he asked with only his voice being serious.

“So, I wonder why did you attack me?”

“Uu……that is……”

Seeing her eyes unintentionally swim, he was convinced that his guess was spot on.
He wanted to hear it from Frire herself so he stared at her with a smile plastered on his face.


“A, umm…well……how do I say this……m,my bad.”

“I don’t want to hear your apology, I want to know your motive.”

His intentionally cheerful tone as he asked her with a smile stuck on his face evidently urged her.
Her face dyed of shame became somewhat cramped and timid.
Towards the other person who was used to fighting, it seemed this sort of pressuring smile was effective.

“…………Don’t laugh okay?”

“That’s a flag for being laughed at, but I won’t laugh.”

I have mostly guessed it, were the word in his mind which he didn’t let out.
And as he thought, the motive which she revealed, was exactly as he had imagined.

“The way you handled that surprise attack was excessively fascinating, and your movement was refined to the point that I was charmed.
From the time that I saw that, umm……I became wanting to………fight with you……”

With a face scarlet in a different meaning compared to earlier, Frire averted her look from him.
‘I knew it’, thought Shinichi, and without letting those words out of his mouth he maintained a posture of listening.
The girl who had a passion-filled gaze towards his back was what was commonly called a battle maniac.

“……So why did you ambush me?”

“That’s because, it seemed you didn’t want to stand out, and even though you could move like that it seemed that you were going to conceal it, so unless I ambush you you wouldn’t fight back……”

The teacher acted as if misleading him by twining her hands with no reason and with a scarlet face showed a bitter smile.
Her behavior made it doubtful whether the teacher who was shouting at the students earlier was the same person.
And when he thought that.

“And then you did that! It was amazing!
You received my assault with such movement and instantly pinned me down!
It was the first time in my life. To be be completely defeated in flesh and blood inter-personal combat!!”

She turned around, drew near him while in an excited state, and talked about the one-sided offense and defense earlier.
No matter how anyone looked at it, she was delighted on some aspects of her complete defeat.
From his point of view, he was having mixed feelings because just one wrong move and she would’ve received a serious wound.

“Is that so.
I had cold sweat because I almost wounded teacher.”

“……Hou, you mean you can break Foster barrier with bare hands?”

“Don’t be excited on that part! I’ll never do that okay, since I definitely won’t fight you again!”

He thought he made a slip of the tongue, but it seemed there won’t be any problem with her laughing delightfully like that.
If that fact was revealed, it would become a troublesome situation so it was a thankful outcome,
except for the hint from the brilliance of her eyes which he couldn’t help but feel trouble.

“Isn’t it fine. Just once, just once would be fine.”

“You know teacher, I’m a student okay.
What’s more I have a low status……you understand what I mean right teacher?”

From his point of view, that kind of him would be fighting against the person called Sword Saint and demon teacher.
He wanted to be pardoned for that kind of story to float around. He absolutely didn’t want to become popular as he was now.
It was because it would be nothing but problems if any more incidences of him “fighting” were to go public.

“Isn’t it fine, don’t mind those things!”

However, it seemed that for her, if a person was strong then those kind of circumstances were insignificant.
If Shinichi was someone whose teasing mode was flipped in reaction to another person’s shyness,
then Frire was a bathe maniac whose switch was flipped when she sensed another person’s strength.

“Ever since I came here three years ago, I haven’t fought a decent battle.
Raybeast extermination is for students while other teachers and students don’t have the will to fight.
Sometimes I’ve been requested to aid in cleaning up terrorists, but those guys were all weak.”

“Don’t push your frustration on me! Restrain yourself this battle maniac!”

“I think no other person except you can stop this heat.
I beg you, just once, please be my partner just once!”

“But that won’t end with only just once you know!”

These kind of people, after fighting with once, would desire for a rematch until they were satisfied.
Shinichi understood that based on his experience, so he instinctively got heated up and refused.
Both of them didn’t notice how risque their choice of words were.

“…………No matter what, you won’t?”

“No matter what, I won’t.”

Just how many times would she continue this unproductive quarrel before she finally gave up.
She asked as if making sure for the last time, but even so Shinichi’s answer was negative.

“It can’t be helped………your school life is still long, so there will be a chance.”

“I can hear you you know. Haa, is it fine if I go?
I need to go to the cafeteria and Hina……Ru,Ru,Ruona-san is waiting.”

“Is that so. I guess it’s that time already. I apologize. You may go.”

When she showed a look that she honestly didn’t notice, he felt that as a teacher she had mistaken several things. He felt that anymore questioning would be a waste of time, so he roughly bowed and faced backwards.
Frire picked up the blade which fell on the floor while giving him a sidelong glance. And.

“Nakamure, is it fine if I ask just once thing?”

She stopped her hands midway, and asked him who was leaving.

“Why did you know the direction where Padyuel was going to evade?
Before she had moved you had already kicked the ground right.”

The girl being talked about didn’t realize the truth that much.
Frank too who was very near and was used to see battles didn’t notice it.
At that time, her choice of evading was left, right, backwards, and upwards.
And she could also evade in various angles of those directions which would increase her options.
How did he know which choice would Aristel choose within those numerous alternatives?
As a teacher, and also a warrior, she was simply curious.

“………That’s because, her agility is first-rate.”

“Because her agility is first-rate?”

“Her agility rank is high so her reaction is fast.
Which was why, after I had counterattacked, she had already chosen where to evade.
When I saw that then it was easy to know where she would move.”

He easily said those words without turning back which dumbfounded Frire.
It was obvious that for a person to move his body, he would need to do preparatory movements.
If you saw those movements, it would be easy to predict a person’s movement.
A person with A- rank agility would have a miles-away faster reaction than an ordinary person.
However that was only if the other party immediately showed those preparatory movements.
It was a strategy which completely utilized the strength of one’s status.
But in the end, that was only in theory.

“……I see, I’ll use it as a reference.”

“It’s fine, and although it was an accident I get to touch you as a form of apology.”

He lightly swung with only his hand, and with his back still turned back on her he left the stadium.
After seeing him off, she once again held out her hand to pick up the sword, and as she squeezed the handle she suddenly dropped it.

“!……fuu, what do you mean, I would’ve ended up as a wounded person. On my side I thought that I was going to get killed you know.

She muttered towards nobody, and looked down on both of her hands which were still trembling.
It was at that time when she saw from the gaps of his fingers his knifehand that was going to pierce her and his eyes which didn’t contain any color.
Even though Frire had been in several battlefields, she hallucinated seeing a death god which she haven’t seen yet.

“Moreover, just how many hundreds of people do you have to fight to see those preparatory movements?”

A person with high rank would have an extremely precise and instant change in their movement.
To see through that wasn’t the power of ordinary insight and situation assessment.
Now, in a different meaning, Frire didn’t want to ask if he really was 15 years old.
And more than that.

“It’s probably a lie that you were at the Reserve.
Your way of fighting is for one who is experienced in inter-personal battles.

If there weren’t people then there was no way he could master that in a place devoid of person-type creatures.
Don’t even think of ingraining it to his body to the point of performing it reflexively.


“………..Just who in the world are you?”


Towards the space where he had already left, she muttered that while looking as if having fun.


Author’s Note:
This was also a kind of lucky pervert event right?
The person himself enjoyed it as a side benefit so it wasn’t completely lucky.

Just in case, I sincerely apologize if there is a woman who minded it.

Trust me!!

The next one is different from this.
It’s impossible to split so it became the longest chapter.
Will an unexpected incident occur in the cafeteria?


8 more chapters to go for this volume. Hopefully we’ll be able to finish this volume before the year ends!


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