Command Chapter 12: Self-care

Do you know what Self-care is?


P.S. Please don’t post spoilers on untranslated chapters. But speculating is fine.

Without changing her clothes Am entered her bed, and first took of her socks and threw it away.

[Your clothes will get wrinkles, so wouldn’t it be good to properly change your clothes?]

[I feel tired from the battle earlier more than I thought. Right now I don’t want to think about anything troublesome……just leave them somewhere suitable there.]

Since she looked like she won’t listen anymore after saying that, I restored her rolled socks, and placed them on a chest. Suddenly a big cloth-like thing *bafu* hit the back of my head.

[What in the world did you……ge……!]

[Please don’t let out a weird voice. I didn’t throw anything weird. Accept it properly okay.]


Starting with her skirt, her jacket, then shirt, and even her ribbon flew.
I pinched and took the ribbon which she wore on her head, worried so much on how should I be thinking about this, and then thought back about it and just normally touched and dealt with them.
Though I didn’t know the proper way of folding a skirt, somehow I was able to fold it with its creases smoothed, and placed her shirt and jacket on it, and lastly added the ribbon.


Though I was curious on her sleeping posture, since I couldn’t seem to fall asleep from being too conscious of her, I did other things and waited.

Roza and Satella-neesan, I could analyze their Behavioral Pattern but――about that, Am said that I could also predict their actions.

In other words, I might be able to know when Satella-neesan finishes her work and comes back home. Though I was curious about how Roza and Luna spend their dormitory life together, I started with predicting the actions of Satella-neesan.

>Commencing the prediction of the actions of 『Satella』……Finished predicting her actions in the period of 5 hours.
>Work >Travel >Conversation >Travel >Conversation >Travel >Meal >Conversation

(Umm, after the 6th one, she will have a meal. I guess this means that she’s home in this time.)

Since I was able to instantly understand every step from start to end on this prediction, I understood that nee-san will come back home after roughly around 30 mins.

>Continuing the prediction of the actions of 『Satella』.
>Travel >Work >Rest >Travel >Bath >Self-care >Bath >Sleep
>Acquired the new Command 『Self-care』.

(Self-care……A Command done before sleeping, is it preparations before sleeping? Nee-san took a bath twice, I wonder if it is something regarding hygiene.)

From the sound of the word care, I imagine something like a care for the skin. Was it something that maintains the moisture of the skin while sleeping, so there was also something like that in the different world huh. Or was it something like brushing your teeth or washing your whole face.

Action Prediction couldn’t analyze until that small details. Or, maybe it was because of my low proficiency.

[Hey, you acquired a new Command just now right.]

[Oh, so you were awake. If you’re tired, you should rest more……]

When I casually lifted my face and looked, Am was raising her body so her upper half was revealed from the blanket, and looking at me who was below.

Naturally she was in her underwear, so I then stiffened. Perhaps since she had just reincarnated into a human, she still haven’t acquired a sense of shyness. She was fine with her skirt earlier, so it was probably like that.

I faced Am while pretending that I didn’t notice anything, and continued the conversation while pretending to be calm. Though my heart was beating so hard, I mustn’t show that to my face.

[You acquired something new right? Why don’t you at once test it on me and see?]

[N, no umm……if I think about it, without testing, doesn’t Am know the meaning of the Command?]

[I don’t. I didn’t acquire an ability similar to yours, and since currently there’s not even one bit of a shinigami’s ability remaining in me, I’m not omniscient.]

[……It’s 『Self-care』, what do you think about it?]

[Self-care? I wonder if it’s something about caring the skin. Since humans, do that kind of thing a lot right.]

Since Am also has the same interpretation as me, I guess my imagination wasn’t too much off. I guess there wasn’t any problem to test and see what kind of Command it was.]

(Well, since it’s a command that’s essential for everyday life, it doesn’t seem that it’s usage is for other people.)


[Woah, you surprised me. Don’t just suddenly go around someone’s back, I mean aren’t you in your underwear……]

[That kind of thing is fine. Quick put it inside.]

[P,put it inside……!?]

What was she suddenly talking about――As soon as learning that we’ll stay in the same room, was her switch flipped? If that was the case then it couldn’t be helped, was the kind of delusion that I hope she’d forgive.

[Since your found a new one, why don’t you put it inside me to test it?]

[A new 『Command』……and there’s a sufficient subject. Why are you enthusiastic about it?]

[It seems humans have this thing called a inquisitiveness. What kind of thing the new Command is, aren’t your curious?]

Even though she will be used for the practice, Am completely didn’t falter. As expected since she had just reincarnated into a human, her feelings still haven’t finished adapting.

(Or else, did she originally have this kind of personality…….I have a hunch that it’s fifty-fifty.)

[Hey quickly put it in, it will be cold while staying like this.)

[Although the coldness will be solved if your wore clothes……w,well whatever. Then, I’m putting it in okay.]

[It’s the Command right. The likes of you who is a worm, I wonder if you’re saying that you’ll put inside of me something else?]

[I,I don’t know about that okay? The possibility of putting in something else is……]

[There’s a good possibility right. However I can’t promise regarding that.]

[A,another complicated answer……]

Am looked at my reaction and smiled satisfyingly. Her triumphant look, was again irritating to the point that it was adorable.
If we finish testing the Command, I suppose she will lie down again――since Am has no signs of wearing clothes, I have gave up not looking at her way.

>Implementing the Command on 『Amriel』.
>『Amriel』 has authenticated it. Performing 『Self-care』.

[Even without adding it to your Behavioral pattern, I wonder if you can immediately perform the command just once. If that’s the case the test will be easy.]


[What’s wrong? As expected it’s some kind of preparation related to the body before sleeping huh, that kind of……]

Without replying, Am held on to my shoulders, then quietly removed her hands and stood up.
Then she silently climbed up the ladder of the bed but staggered, so she starting pondering for a while, and to the bed below the stairs――she got in my bed, pulled over the blanket and started stirring.

[Is that 『Self-care』……? So what are you doing?]

[……Do you, plan to look while staying there? You beast.]

[I can’t enter my bed right. Or more like it seems like I’ve also started feeling sleepy, so I want to sleep on my place.]

[……Since you……put it inside me……it’s only the consequence of that. It looks like, this is accompanied with shame that’s beyond to my expectations. At least, while I’m being seen by you, I need to keep my presence of mind.]

[What are you talking about. What in the worl……buwa.]

Her white hand suddenly came out from the blanket, and threw something at my face.
When I took that with my hand and looked, it was a white piece of cloth. This color, I’ve seen it before――and, my realization was delayed for only a few seconds.

[Wait, what the heck are you planning! Even if it’s sudden, don’t just throw your panties! Don’t undress while in a person’s bed!]

[……It’s this kind of thing okay, so never mind that and get out.]

[Get out, why……]

[From here on I’ll be performing 『Self-care』. Though it’s fine to look, if you do that my Performance Possibility of 『Abuse』 to you will become 99%. I’ll always be continuing to abuse you, is that fine with you?]

[Th,that’s why I’m saying. What kind of Command is Self-care, I inserted it to you to test it and……]

I broke of my speech and realized. Right now, Am was already performing Self-care――for the purpose of that, it was needed for me to go outside.

(Self……care. Entering a bed, and taking off your underwear……something done while alone……)

[Self……yourself……a,alone by yourself……!?]


I heard a mumbling moan from inside the blanket.
I heard the faint sound of rustling clothes, and she suddenly stretched out her white arm again, and placed her bra on the bed rails.

[……Though I don’t know what’s the best thing to do……your blanket……I’ll be using it okay……]

At that moment all pieces had connected, and the moment I derived the answer――lightning fell on my head,

[S,sorry! I’ll be, going outside for a while okay!]

[……isn’t that……what I’ve been saying to you……until I say it’s fine……]

Before I heard the end of her words, I had left the room and closed the door.

>『Amriel』 is performing 『Self-care』……the time of finishing is undecided.

(……S,so it was that kind of thing huh……this Self-care……)

Nee-san entered the bathe once, and after performing Self-care took a bath again――I now understood the meaning of that.
In other words Self-care, was a thing where you will be sweating by yourself inside the bed. In case of the age of puberty, it didn’t matter if it was male or female. It was a deed based on instinct――

On the other side of the closed door, though I don’t know how Am was using my blanket, she was doing Self-care.

(……If I see that then she’ll definitely get angry……and things will get awkward……)

I leaned my back on the wall until I arranged my breath. I had expectation for a moment but I didn’t hear her voice inside, it couldn’t be helped.

[I’m home, Yuuki. Haven’t you still eaten? If that’s the case, with Amriel let’s……]

[Ah……w,welcome home nee-san! Umm, Amriel is tired so she’s resting, so let’s have a meal in advance!]

[Fufu……you’re very energetic huh. When looking at you, I’m forgetting the day’s fatigue.]

Satella-neesan said that while in a good mood, took off her uniform cap and walked. It seemed that she’ll change her clothes in her own room.

Tonight, she will also Self-care――I couldn’t help from imagining that.
What I should be thinking, was how to utilize, the feature of this new Command. When I behaved seriously and thought of that, at present not a single thing on the proper way to use came into my mind.

Now you know what Self-care is.

Now the question is, how will Amriel use Yuuki’s blanket for Self-care. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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